Skip A Payment
Skip-A-Payment Program
You can skip a loan payment once every twelve months during the life of the loan for only $10 — without hurting your credit! The $10 fee is per loan, per occurrence. Using the Skip-A-Payment feature on your loan does not change your monthly loan payment, but it does extend the term of your loan. Interest continues to accrue on the balance of the loan from the last payment.

The Skip-A-Payment program is not available on first or second mortgages, credit cards or overdraft protection.
    Do you qualify?
  • I have made at least 6 consecutive monthly payments on my loan.
  • I have not had a loan extension, skipped a loan payment, or paid a late charge within the past 12 months.
  • My Freedom First Credit Union account is in good standing and my loans are current.
  • This request is not being made for a Mortgage Loan, Credit Card or Overdraft Protection.

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