Responsible Rides

Responsible Rides

Freedom First Credit Union and Enterprise Car Sales have collaborated with Total Action Against Poverty and New River Community Action in the creation of Responsible Rides, a car purchase program for working families in the local community.

Car ownership can mean the opportunity to earn a higher wage, obtain better employment, spend more family time together, and have access to more choices in terms of housing, schools, and social activities—together helping create a better quality of life and financial independence.

Common issues such as overpriced and unreliable cars, high interest rates offered by predatory lenders, high down payments, hidden purchase costs, and the limitations caused by poor credit histories prevent many working families from improving their lives through car ownership. However, with the Responsible Rides program, affordable car ownership can be a reality.

Responsible Rides is available to those living in the Roanoke and New River Valleys. Unique to the program are 3 hours of free financial education and a 2-hour vehicle maintenance class.

For complete information about Responsible Rides, contact:

Tomeka Akerson
Responsible Rides Coordinator
(540) 904-4445