Responsible Rides®, an award-winning auto purchase program for working families in the local community.


Anyone who has driven an unreliable vehicle knows it can limit your ability to earn, time spent with family, and choices in terms of housing, schools, and social activities.

This partnership between Freedom First, TAP in the Roanoke Valley, NRCA in the New River Valley, STEP, Inc. in Franklin County, and multiple auto dealers incorporates financial education and vehicle maintenance classes. More than an auto loan, the award-winning Responsible Rides® program includes financial education and vehicle maintenance training. Participants purchase a reliable vehicle and gain financial management skills to help them reach their goals.

Responsible Rides® helps working families avoid the high interest rates offered by predatory lenders, required high down payments, hidden purchase costs, and the limitations caused by a poor credit history. More than an auto loan, Responsible Rides® includes financial education and vehicle maintenance training. So participants are not only able to purchase a car, they’re able to keep it. 

The income eligibility limits for Responsible Rides® are:-
Household Size / Maximum Income

  • 1  /  $36,180
  •  /  $48,720
  •  /  $61,260
  •  /  $73,800
  •  /  $86,340
  •  /  $98,880
  •  /  $111,420
  •  /  $123,960

Contact Our Responsible Rides® Coordinator or call (540) 904-4445.

Freedom First Credit Union has collaborated with local businesses and nonprofit agencies to create Responsible Rides®.

In order to qualify for this program, you must be eligible to join Freedom First by living, working, worshiping, or going to school anywhere throughout Botetourt, Craig, Franklin, Montgomery, or Roanoke counties or the cities of Roanoke, Radford, or Salem.

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