Freedom First’s Credit Builder helps borrowers establish positive credit.


Borrowers who have low or no credit face a catch-22: they are often turned down for loans, and when they are approved, they are charged higher interest rates. That in turn makes repayment more difficult.

Freedom First’s Credit Builder helps borrowers develop a habit of making regular payments on time while establishing positive credit. Credit Builder is an advance on a $500-$1,500 loan. The loan proceeds are then in a secure Freedom First account while you repay it. The borrower receives the loan proceeds once it has been repaid. Regular payments can potentially result in a significantly higher credit score. In fact, new Freedom First Credit Builder members in 2013, who started with zero credit, had an average credit score of 630 after only 6 months.

In order to qualify for this program, you must be eligible to join Freedom First by living, working, worshiping, or going to school anywhere throughout Botetourt, Craig, Franklin, Montgomery, or Roanoke counties or the cities of Roanoke, Radford, or Salem.

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