Pick a Great Realtor

November 29, 2016

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Pick a Great Realtor When Buying a HomeWhile you can do most of your home-buying research online, there’s no replacement for a real estate agent. The right one will help you make smart decisions, point out potential problems in a house you may be considering, and ensure you find the best home within your price range. However, there are a lot of realtors, and having a real estate license doesn’t make one a great real estate agent.

The best way to find a good agent is to get recommendations from friends and family. If you know someone who had a good experience with a realtor, chances are you will have a good experience, too.

If you are thinking about using Freedom First as your mortgage lender, ask your loan officer if there’s a particular agent who stands out in their mind. Your loan officer and real estate agent will be working together to ensure a smooth closing. If they already have an established working relationship, this will be one less stressor for you.

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Remember, your first step should be getting prequalified. Any of our loan officers can help you. Getting prequalified will allow you to know how much house you can afford, as well as have the ability to make a stronger offer when you find your dream home.

While buying a home, especially your first, can be exciting, working with the right real estate agent will make your experience a positive one. Take the time to find a good one.

Happy House Hunting!