• Stay Safe Online and Keep Your Data Private

    Posted On:

    01/26 at 10:28 AM

    In recognition of Data Privacy Day on January 28, we’d like to help you become more privacy-savvy. ... Read More

  • Safety In Online Games

    Posted On:

    01/03 at 12:29 PM

    Be on the lookout for these three ways mobile games take your money, and know what you can do about them. ... Read More

  • What you need to know to secure your IoT devices

    Posted On:

    12/23 at 01:18 PM

    Today’s hackers are attacking a lot more than just computers. They’re going after ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) products ... Read More

  • Shop Local - Support Small Local Business

    Posted On:

    11/28 at 11:07 AM

    As your local credit union, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting our local communities by investing in programs that improve the quality of lives throughout the Roanoke and New River valleys. Just as you choose to bank local with Freedom First, consider shopping locally as it also benefits your local community. ... Read More

  • What It Means to Be a Financial Caregiver for Your Parents

    Posted On:

    11/17 at 03:50 PM

    If you are the adult child of aging parents, you may find yourself in the position of someday having to assist them with handling their finances. Here are some steps you can take now to make the process a bit easier. ... Read More

  • Ideas to Help Your Child Understand Money Matters

    Posted On:

    05/05 at 12:53 PM

    Teaching our kids to understand money and saving is an important responsibility we have as parents. Here are a few ideas to help your kids understand money matters and saving. ... Read More

  • The New Grad’s Guide to Money

    Posted On:

    07/30 at 05:08 PM

    Yes, you just spent four years amassing a crazy amount of knowledge. But despite all you’ve learned, you possibly still have an incomplete grade in one subject: money. ... Read More

  • Protecting Children’s Online Privacy

    Posted On:

    03/31 at 11:33 AM

    Freedom First complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and offers links to the federal government's resources for parents and children. ... Read More

  • Help Your Teen Start Saving for the Future

    Posted On:

    08/08 at 04:01 PM

    As you introduce your teen to the world of personal finance, it's also important to have them look ahead to the future. The sooner he starts saving for college or retirement, the better off he'll be. There are many options when it comes to saving for the future — Education Savings Accounts, IRAs, Certificates of Deposit ... Read More

  • Having Your Teen Use Plastic

    Posted On:

    08/08 at 03:59 PM

    Think of a check or debit card as a credit card with training wheels. It's used exactly the same, but all funds come directly out of your teen's checking account. Pre-paid cards are similar to a check or debit card, but don't require a checking account. ... Read More

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